Bridgestone Company Inc

Expertise, versatility,
uncompromising precision

About Us

For over 40 years, Bridgestone has provided high-precision metal products to many companies in a variety of markets and industries.

Bridgestone is an ISO9001:2015 Certified Company

Bridgestone1-V2-16 Panorama

Custom Built – Modern Facility

Our experience, engineering expertise, and state of the art CNC equipment, combined with our dedication to quality and efficiency at all stages of fabrication, make us the outstanding supplier of precision machined components.

Automation throughout the manufacturing process means our operators have only one responsibility – QUALITY.

Our processes offer several advantages:

  • Most parts drop off complete and secondary, off-line operations are not required.  Quality is uncompromised.

  • Each operation is precisely located and orientated by computer control.

  • Live tools on our CNC lathes produce even the most complex parts complete in one operation.  Handling errors are eliminated.

  • Automatic bar loaders on each machine increase productivity.  Longer runs mean greater cost effectiveness.

  • Incoming inspection routines guarantee the traceability of material requirements.

    • Our Dock-to-Stock reliability means that our parts can be incorporated into production without costly and time consuming incoming inspections.

  • Bridgestone Company’s niche is machining complex, tight tolerance components.