Bridgestone Company Inc

Expertise, versatility,
uncompromising precision


Inspection Equipment:

All equipment is company-owned and is calibrated by an accredited outside firm as scheduled in procedures manual.

  • Various Comparators (up to 200X)
  • Mitutoyo Profilometers
  • Mitutoyo Roundness and cylindricity Tester
  • Sony Height Gage with digital readout
  • Ram Optical microscope (2)
  • Starrett HDV Vision System (4)
  • Mitutoyo – Roundtest RA-1600
  • Concentricity fixtures
  • All necessary hand tools such as micrometers, indicators, indicating micrometers, bore gages(dial and digital), pin gages(one set for each job), calipers, thread ring gages, thread plug gages.

Bridgestone Company Incorporated is known throughout the industry as a HIGH quality shop.  Quality at Bridgestone Company is every employee’s business, every employee is committed to assure quality throughout the manufacturing process, this commitment is unmatched.

Machine capability studies are routinely performed to maintain maximal levels of performance. Our automated 2-axis computer aided coordinate measuring system is programmed to further ensure the highest possible conformity to your specifications. Bridgestone Company also has 2 – TESA scan units to assist with in process inspection and set-up analysis.  Every part we manufacture has its own program for the measurement process.



Roundness and cylindricity measuring


Highest Quality Vision Systems


Clearance Testing


Starrett HDV Vision System